About Me

collage 006

Maureen Nye was born in St. Athan, Wales in 1961. Nye works predominantly in three dimensions in a mixture of media to best portray the psychological thrust of her projects of transformation. Recent work has focused on data gathered from chance and decision-making through the play of card games, the symbolic nature of the characters within the pack reflect the multitude of relationships within a community. She completed her Fine Art Degree at the University for the Creative Arts in 2014 culminating in the degree exhibition where her work was shown as a site-specific installation. Nye works with children in a creative capacity instilling confidence and empowering a ‘can do’ attitude toward artistic expression and communication. Nye’s ambition is to formally become a secondary school art teacher. She has worked amongst children in a creative educative capacity since 1985 in various roles up to her current position as Art Technician/Teaching Assistant where the opportunity to exercise her teaching skills has been employed to cover for art staff absence, the longest consecutive period so far being for four months in 2013. Her artistic and administrative skills have also been engaged in project management and enhancing architectural ambience for fund raising events.

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