Artist Statement

I find my interests align with Bracha Ettinger, regarding the psychological Matrixial Theory that explains an alternate way of living. The work of Deleuze and Felix Guattari in particular regarding a thousand plateaus and the rhizome has informed my thinking and the artists of the surrealist movement have fuelled my inspiration for the search of an answer to the question, ‘Where does the energy go when we cease to live? Is it recycled? Nature shows us that so much of our body is reused. Could the essence of life transfer into another living being or transform into a different type of energy?’ My artistic journey so far has contemplated:-internal chemical reactions within the body, generations, transitional object imprinting, anthropomorphism, and currently the Matrixial where ‘living’ could be changed for the better through a ‘feminine jouissance’ accessible for both men and women. Through this psychological adjustment a new moral code could be achieved that would allow the circumstance to arise where, as a global community, conflict is a distant memory. We could work together and release restrictions of time, money, and resources to create a better world in which to live in the future.