‘Helping Hands’ Community Project


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A project coordinated by myself between Godalming United Church, Godalming and Rodborough School, Milford. Year 8 children were invited to design and create a ‘stained glass effect window screen’ to tone down the glare from the morning sun through the chancel window facing the congregation. Twenty three children made up the ‘design and production team’ while other children kindly volunteered to draw around their hands and offer them to the team to prepare and paint ready for the screen.   Two design proposals were put forward by the children. These were discussed within the group and by fusing elements from both design proposals the final design emerged. Forty lunchtimes later the team had completed their work. The screen was fitted to the window and presented to the congregation on the 15th May 2016. More information on the project is available on the church website:-   http://www.guc.org.uk/helping_hands.html